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Colonel Tom Parker at the Pearly Gates

I might look bad from where you sit, 
so right now I admit I made it up-
the scheme to market Elvis, his exposure-
his house and heartbreak, how he loved his mother.   

These days we know it all, the whole shebang, 
but you remember how it was back then, 
them secrets.  Yeah, I made him up  
and even if he was the great white hope 

for singers,  it was me that showed him 
what to think,  and that means somethin'.  
He wasn't heart-broke, neither.  I seen 
how he favored crowds.  He had a gang 

he ran with everywhere.  He was too weak, 
is all, which ain't my fault.  I only gave him speed 
when he wore down, some pills to get him by, 
the rest he got himself,  I didn't know at all.

And it's true Elvis, he loved fame.  He had a call.
Showed out for strangers standing by his gate 
and when the baby came, he'd walk her 
down the lawn, close by them folks 

to listen at 'em back behind the fence, keening like wind.  
Well sure, he died too soon.  I planned to keep him 
touring ten more years...but what the hell.  
You know I did all anyone could do to help.  

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