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The Words

My wife despises me.
I'm a broken toy, to be 
Cast aside. Take me to
Hell - that's all I ask.

She's 35 and wants kids.
I never did. Thus, the
Quandary. At what point
Does she dump my sorry

Ass? Can't say that I 
Blame her - I'm broken,
Seeking wholeness or
Death, whichever comes

First. Perhaps they are
One and the same. She
Simply wants a family.
One where she comes

First and children follow.
She'll never get that from
Me and she knows it now,
After 8 years. The words 

Come first - the poems,
Stories, non-fiction,
Technical articles, books,
The pain and the words

Take me down their 
Love/hate path where
They leave me, wanting
More, suffering always.

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