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I Want to Tear Out Your Tongue

Here are my wrists, please touch them gently
Iím a bit frightened
Here is my throat, please bite it carefully
Iíve never been to good at this
I never could control any of this

I am sensitive, my eyes canít take the sun
I need you to hold me although my wounds are raw
I need you to love me slowly
But you say you want to watch him blow me
I do not find this uplifting

Here is the next chapter in our little book
And although I still do not understand the plot
I think I have analyzed the characters
You are the heroine in bespeckled green dress
I am the sphinx with the riddle that you found so simple

I am the second string bassist
I am the dolphin in the tuna net
I am the jester, I am the moron
This is my fault

This is not my game, I am not the lead in your life
This presents you no confusion but it seems to bother me
You are secure, I am the kidnap victim,
I am the hallmark of your disrespect
Iím starting to grow angry though you didnít write the script
I think it must be your fault

I am fed up as your lesser half
I can do anything that you can do
I can be every section of this whole
I have lost patience

I want to tear out your tounge every time you mock me
I know that I could bash your brains in for every time you hurt me
Your spells and incantations have no power over my
I could rip your limbs apart if I needed you for anything
You cannot touch me

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