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as meaningless as we are
i have noticed as the years
have passed me by my
attraction to skanks has
only got stronger
and as i watch you sleep
in my bed i can only
assume that this attraction
is mutual, especially since
we didnít negotiate a price
this time
but that is not what is
on my mind
i often wonder if my attraction
is due to a fear of being alone
or simply a matter of luck,
timing, process of elimination
or some other reason
i can just hear my friends now
why are you fucking worrying about this
live every day like it is
your last and only fuck the
ones that cough, the rest
is as meaningless as we are
yet, i would like to believe
that i have a small corner
of my heart that hasnít been killed
and that with time, the hopeless
romantic that resides in that small
corner will finally rejoice
of course, no matter how much i wish
to believe that time is on my side
the blackened portion of my heart
knows not all wishes come true
so, i simply take it
for what it is
another night
another skank
another reason to get drunk
and yet another morning after
to ward off notions of
guilt and disappointment

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