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breaking news
iíll admit it
being a news whore
i watch the evening news
with a certain amount
of lust in my eyes
iím one of these fuckers that
lives for chaos, disorder,
murder, scandal and evil
and with the onslaught
of 24/7 news channels
i have to say life is good
my only regret is that the
breaking news these days
is so commonplace
the suspense is out of it now
i remember the days of my youth
when breaking news meant
something so horrific that
time/date/place was carved
into your brain for eternity
but now whatever assassination,
school shooting, high-speed chase, bombing,
murder, court trial, etc. etc. for the day
is simply another aspect of our
ordinary lives
it saddens me that i wonít recall
future tragedies with any special
recollections other than, most likely
i canít believe they showed that commercial
after that guy put a bullet in his head

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