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Picasso's Dora Maar and the Village Idiot

I like your picture Dora Maar.
I would know you from it anywhere.
Your green-red-rose, pale-white skin 
a flawless union 
awash in morning yellow.

"I don't look normal."

Your forehead is unafraid 
of your steelgreen hair.
Obedient in front
and disciplined behind your shoulder.
It is the choppiness of the Mediterranean 
against a long deep pier.

"You are a handsome idiot."

Handsomeness is an attribute of idiocy.

"All I ever wanted was beauty."

You may have mine.
I would rather observe 
the conversation of your eyes 
that stare into each other.
One salmon, one white 
as if you have two souls.

"Only an idiot could find me beautiful."

I find you perfect as a picture.
Traipsing red nails on rigid fingers
direct me to your lyric clef ear 
like an invitation.

"If one finds me beautiful
no other critic matters."

When I first saw your picture I wanted 
to kiss it's strict nose with two left nostrils
and free you from your sleep of canvas.

"I long for your dumbstruck, perfect lips
pressed against the one blandness of my face."

Obtuseness is all that's worth kissing.

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