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"Me, I just don't have
the knack for it," one
of the office girls says
during Friday lunch
at a table for four
at the All-Nite. "I just
put out the wedding
gifts and that's it."

"Maybe my sister could
help you," an overweight
one in tight-fitting red
slacks says. "She was
born to decorate. Every
room in her house is
a showpiece. The kitchen
is all done Coca-ColaŽ--
glasses, dishes, trays,
napkins, tablecloth--
and on the walls she
has framed miniature
posters of those cute
guys wearing white
soda-jerk caps serving
you with a smile across
the counter."

"That sounds darling,"
another one says. "Where
did she ever get the idea?"

"That's not all," the one
in red slacks says. "Her
living room is all angels--
lamp bases and shades,
embroidered curtains,
wallpaper, pictures,
and all kinds of white
statues on the tables
and shelves. It's like
walking into heaven."

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