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The work of Anselm Brocki is thick with anger and a sense of beauty, both of which he shows in very detailed story-poems. Reading one of his poems, one can easily envision the scene he lays before us, and understand why it makes him feel the way he does.

Anselm Brocki has written more than 2000 poems and in the past nine years has had 740 accepted by over 445 publications, including The Amherst Review, Maryland Poetry Review, Piedmont Literary Review, and Walt's Corner. In 1996, Alpha Beat Press published a book of 100 of his poems, titled Mornings at the All-Nite. He has been a high school teacher, a senior editor for Houghton Mifflin, editorial coordinator for the Los Angeles City Schools, and is currently running his own editorial business. [I have lost contact with this author. —Ed.]

Anselm's works here at Unlikely Stories are:


July 1999 - July 2000:
Art of Eating