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laundry list for x-ray clowns (version)

I just decided to write a field manual for x-ray

part one: if you are no architect or mean circus face
monster then the cops might call you a bitch or even
worse -- you could get called a meaner name or maybe
they will beat you and make you have blood and call
you stupid you ugly monster but I'm an x-ray clown and
I'll bury your dog in the graveyard I made up
somewhere in the woods and what's buried there? a dog
in a clown  suit what else I'll kill you with blood,
too. x-ray clown.

part two: if you have ugly teeth punch them out & call
yourself ugly and if you don't mind you better have
blood in your mouth. bite your nails & don't take a
bath you stink and you smell like smoke.

part three: no new x-ray clown jokes unless you pay
the money for the ugly war. if we leave you alone for
a second you better kill yourself or change your
circus tricks to make the people laugh at you or
they'll kill you. they control the voices & x-ray
clowns can't be evil they have to be stupid like you
and you smell bad but your jokes aren't funny you
dummy. lose your mind because no one cares any more
you #### clown. blind your damn ugly eyes bad dog

this was supposed to be a laundry list & now we won't
have anything to wear to the fabulous kitty parade
tonight. everyone knows I've given up & I'm broken.
Scratch says I twinkle, but he's crazy. I bet on
racing kitties. hold on safely walk thru eat some
Sunday biscuits w/ lots of crazy gravy -- your eyes
see a tired joke & don't you know, they're right. feel
it with your hands & you were raised a hostage,
forfeit right turns & sew this patch onto your jacket.
the star moved to _L.A._ (film me doing anything) --
might as well admit I'm naked & now you can
under-stand why I cancelled my cable subscription.
ever tried going a whole column w/o giving in & having
a ####### cigarette? with the help of those little red
pills, I'm seeing things on the level of clever cats
and whiskered or otherwise: mustachioed poking around
with supposed ghosts: (well, what would you call

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