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BRIAN DOWNES just keeps going up...

To the Unlikely Stories home pageSurrounding us with images of demons, sea monsters, and redneck sheriffs, the poems and short stories of Brian Downes convey an angst, both psychological and sociological, that never seems clouded with confusion. He presents here high-octane, humorous romps, as well as serious character studies, all the while giving us a feeling of unrest, dissatisfaction, and the need to explore society's shortcomings.

Brian says, "My poems and short stories have appeared at Nuvein.com, among others. My stage play Managed Lives was produced at the Vero Beach Theater Guild in July of 2002. I hope to finish my first novel, Al Andalus, within the year.

"I am twenty-eight years old, I live on the Treasure Coast of Florida, I fill in the blank marked Occupation with 'gentleman adventurer.'" You can write to Brian at bwdownes@bellsouth.net.

Brian's works here at Unlikely Stories are:


War Song
#19 No
Shy Angel
Savage Weapons
Country Weekends (available as an Acrobat file)

Because Country Weekends is quite long, an Adobe Acrobat file is provided so that you might conveniently print it out. Please understand that Brian Downes owns the copyright on Country Weekends and you do NOT have permission to distribute it. In order to use the Acrobat file, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.