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Rockin' the Suburbs

'Plutonium (PU), atomic number 94, is a radioactive metallic element formed by the decay of Neptunium and is similar in chemical structure to Uranium, Saturium, Jupiternium, and Marisum'.

ignited by imprecise explosions
i hear late at night this blinding
light in my neighbourhood's
recent events trips to the
hardware store, my local supermarket,
electrical supply section, are in order
alongside murkier places
housed in a tarnished coffee can
positioned on the dashboard of
my junket Ford sheet metal plated
two hemispherical shapes fifty pounds
in weight brood separated by four cm
trinitrotoluene orbiting crazily packed
with colourless modelling clay no
need to get fancy at this point
model aeroplane RC mechanism detonator
with a modicum of effort in the name
of national defence washing my hands
well the dust should be noticed makes
excellent insect repellent
those backyard boys' childish bangs
play pranks on my axons getting louder
Day One will be bang in huge
streets becoming chain reactions
plugged towards a centre for that
which is molecular
and then no more
safety will not be found in
the current of earth
electric for just one night only
then seen from void
my haw - haws turn

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