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JAMES QUINTON joins you for a bit of the old in-out

To the Unlikely Stories home pageShakespeare took this pictureBeing a bachelor suits James in his tales seeking solitude down dark trails with good friends, in seek of refuge from editorial pressures. He travels about sarcastically, impatient and panicked waiting in line at a grocery store by day then cruising through clubs with wild women unable to keep monogamous relations and bedazzled by his roommate's twentysomething.

James Quinton is 25 and lives in the UK. His poetry and fiction has appeared in a plethora of magazines across the world. He runs Open Wide magazine, which is dedicated to publishing the best in new innovative writing. He has a chapbook available, 'Love and other Disasters,' on the Open Wide website. You can contact him at openwidemagazine@hotmail.com.

James's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

walking home after a night out
a midnight drive
It will never matter how much aftershave you put on.
Thick as Thieves
jazz, the soundtrack to the evening
Last words

"James writes with conviction and honesty, he will be, I'm sure a poet to watch out for in the future."
--Ed Williams, Format's For Losers Magazine (AUS)