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he was so besotted
with her
her being an
upwardly mobile 20 something
with multi coloured hair
who wore the latest trends from

I often wondered how a man
could have such devotion
to a woman who
would screw a turk
for a kebab after a
night out

but it was not my place
to question his affections

we were out one night
him and me
messing about
I flirted
as much as possible
he stood at a distance
careful with his
actions and words

we walked back to his
place at three
or four in the morning
I drunk, cursing my luck

inside I crawled to
the spare room
he joining her in bed

at about 7 I took
a piss
still half drunk
dying for a cigarette

there I was standing
when she entered
I look at her
she looked at me

she then preceded
to take my limp
cock in her mouth
sucking it until erect

I bent her over
the bathroom sink
and did the deed

from then on
I no longer questioned his

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