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It will never matter how much aftershave you put on.

He expressed himself
Articulating his words in
Such a way
That against the odds
The young fashion conscious woman
Accepted his offer of drink

'A rum and coke,' she requested

She turned back to her friends
And continued the conversation
That they had been engrossed in before
X had interrupted

X disappeared into the sea
Of bodies the surrounded the bar

I watched on
A bemused smile
Worked its way across
My usually sullen face

I sunk my beer
And eyed her up
Marvelling at the cut of her dressed
That exposed her breasts
So well

X returned
Red faced
His stoop noticeable

'Thanks' replied the young woman
X smiled.
'Now fuck off' she hissed
The girls laughed like possessed hyenas

X sulked back towards me
I handed him his beer 'I told you she
Wouldn't be interested'

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