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Rimming Ryan Benning's Asshole

I don't care about your girlfriend in New York.
Who gives a shit that you miss her?
She means nothing to me when all I want to do is get
in your pants.

I don't care how many planes and trains you missed
to get to her. The rides you had to endure with truckers
whose tee-shirts smelled of cheap cologne and boiled chicken.
I don't want to know about the xtra 3 days you spent w/ her

in her apartment as you two slept in
to have sex and feed each other Belgian Waffles.
And if you tell me how long you've been together,
I'm going to puke all over this touch-toned phone.

Save the sob stories about the fact that you haven't seen her since
Thanksgiving. Clear your mind of tits and lace panties
and think of your hairy ass in my face.
Tell me this Ryan, how much does she love you?

Will she eat dry shit from your ass?
Will she make you bend over, pull herself to your
savory bumhole, shove her tongue there and rim you like
there's no tomorrow?

Cuz I would.

I'm not ashamed. I'm not a fucking lady, but a dirty bitch
who will bite into an ass like yours like two buttermilk biscuits.
I've seen you in hallways. Tease me relentlessly in those jean shorts,
those creamy calves.

I sit behind you in Post Colonial Lit. smelling your hair.
Daydream of your unexplored sphincter.
Your skin is as soft as milk.
Got a set of shoulder blades on you that won't wait.

Will your lover girl drop to her knees and blow your cock
that curves like a croissant?
Does she eat cum in hand fulls like strawberry preserve?
Does she like semen poured over her fluffy white asscheeks?

Cuz I do. I want to smother my Negro face in you.
Nothing like the stench of nectarous shit
permeating my nostrils as the ass of Ryan Benning
rests on my face.

This is something your clean cut girlfriend, with values
and June Cleaver morals just won't do.
Call me when she tells you she's past giving guys head,
when she thinks she's too old for taking it in the ass.

Give me a ring. And if I'm not home, leave me a
nasty message so I will know it's you.

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