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(economy of madness) receiving an email from favoured girl & re: in Dhampiric form
Subject: meet up?
so all that worry and stress and whingeing for nothing ay?
/ to the Camarilla, I am
That's great news. Hapy for yoy.
/ the ultimate Masquerade breach:
We jsut came back  rom an hour long meeting, after 3hourliquid lunch. Zzzz ... ,
/ a mingling of Kindred and Kine.
Whre are you giong rfor a dirnk
/ to the Tremere or Tzimisce, an
I might come if it's centrla but I hae to get home so need to be where
/ intriguing development in Kindred biology.
Buses are close by ( no9t dickson scenic route )
/ to Sabbat and other die hard Noddists
Sleepy I guess.
/ a portent of doom.
They talked about stuff that makes you want to sleep.
Fidgety type of material.
/ experiments with the various methods prescribed by myth
Twitching type of stuff.
I said possibly, if it was in civic where the buses are easier to catch for
That might be a bit of an effort for you considering you don't catch buses.
/ charms relics Tremere acts pacts with the Devil
Let's leave it til tommorrow.
An hour or so.
/ even true love
Let's leave it til tommorrow shall we. I told i'd bring home the
Bacon ( or the cow anyway ).
/ i am becoming less of a man and more -
I'm going to leave here soon. This place i've had enough of.
/ another dhampir is born whether due to the clash of mortal / immortal vitae, or more mysterious factors

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