Unlikely Stories Presents

JOHN BRYAN plunders the ancients

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWith tools like butterflies, ancient civilizations, and refrigerators, John Bryan has created his own unique and incredibly powerful set of symbols. His poems show us death, decay, and defeat in unique and strange ways, while nonetheless offering us hope and a belief in the human ability to triumph. His symbols literally and figuratively quiver with energy, creating a fascinating reading experience.

Drop John a line at jbryan@vtown.com.au.

John's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

the maze BBC affects fx
(economy of madness) receiving an email from favoured girl & re: in Dhampiric form

The Great Canberra fires of 18 / 01 / 03 Confrontation
Wendigo Blues Throatcut
Lip Spill Carcharodon magolodon
Suicide by Hanging: Images Kindergarten
Himmler at Posen ' the biological symbol for the female comes from the representation of the hand Mirror of Venus '
K - k - kieth Conspiracy :)
letter forecast: chance of chain How in cunt's name did I end up here?
Asunder arvo Dip Skinnies
Weetangera Order
To ways of joy and clarity World War You
In our darker moments Le Immaculate Magnetic
Hubris Flashback
Top Myself new strain of porn ( , inventing a )

She didn't come, even after two hours The Writing of the Fits
What Tracey Said apsersions, counter-intelligence, to a foriegn language
can't make fire / can't make spears Taboo
Umbrella Somnambulist
Beautify Faith
Respect Bipolar Girls
relic Prince Albert Victor
Young & Foolish in 'Celestial Crash' Decision to Tarantella
Frankenstein Fresh Quidnunc
Grand Moff Tarkin Rockin' the Suburbs
haunted Calvary Hospital
theconcreteabstract Well of Knowledge
Warning Signs Methuselah Trees
Childhood/lum Goblin Shark
Necromance Tzompantli
Conquistador Ms. X

Dog field of Mars
Still Life Life Affirming
Huitzilopochtli, post - conquest