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How in cunt's name did I end up here
back to normal after seven months
waiting again for the perfect girl
to walk out of my bedroom into the living
heaps of tv time now - hope
the war with Iraq starts soon
as cricket / footy telecasts finished this season
watched Evil Dead for the time
since it got back to normal
and i was as shattered as cracked eggs
the yoke of my eyes' colour
slipped away
leaving only the whites
since it got back to normal
i only talk to women drunk
and keep talking even
after they've declined to dance
my voice getting louder 
along with simian gestures
now i piss normal time
in tarnished urinals
aim for my face
to swallow
the only acrimony
remotely a kiss
following normal time
i trail females off buses home way beyond
my own and from the bushes
ask if i can go upstairs
with them, wondering to myself
, upon rebuttal: ' how did i end up here ? '
in normal - world
i spell cunt
with accent on
the first and last
letters because the
way it better sounds

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