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with a scent,
a smell,
no - an odour
hours later i escaped
chewed one of my limbs right through
return to remoteness
unwelcome guests greet me :
seizures, and -
the baited image left behind
locked hard into dilating pupil focussed on,
no amount of budging could separate
- curled up licking my
mutilated member
distemper kiss:
face to ass
sniffing for
reassurance from
circles, running around in
having seized the moment
even when the moment
bit back
. and rabies. .
I wish my piss could wash away
instead of reveal -
to dig, to dig and bury until it's irretrievable,
i could've saved my bone from
mottled gums yellow teeth - but,
forever obedient
to man's true best friend:
there are so many
left to mark

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