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Calvary Hospital
theatres are alive -
pre Xmas rush so
the doctors can go holiday
it's a meat market up there
production line
is an excellent state of mind
to be in, knowing the procedures
like the back of my hand
sewn onto the front
Accident & Emergency:
bringing in the
remnants out of 
late model cars;
these days,
you can't
tell the boys 
from the girls
4.00 A.M., exploratory
incision into the cafeteria canal
as a Holconia immanis
scurries across the floor
and the full moon
through a window of the psych. ward
gives light to my think:
i am the Max Rockatansky
of the literary wasteland,
that most solitary of creature
wrapped up in their own personal dementia
blended food for thought
(s) mashed potato
morgue is dead - ...
What sort of place is this
where you cannot buy cigarettes?

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