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can't make fire / can't make spears ...
prominent brow ridges
low sloping foreheads
forward jutting jaws
chinless and heavy
extremely large teeth but
a larger braincase
my imagination in siege
at the thought that Sapiens
once occupied this world
with another kind of man as
in the land of Equus where
a horse is not a donkey
as our own foreheads
proceded gradually we
even gave these guys
a name for posterity:
homo neandertalensis
persistent only in it's fossilization
dosen't pay to be too
specialised in these matters
middle of the road is best
adaptation is very broad minded
keeps a married nature interested
by swinging and threesomes
shame what happened
could've made slaves of them
but maybe not,
our women would've then only said:
everyone knows that
neanderthal men have bigger dicks

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