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Souls Always Striving

We should return to the water . . .
we were never really meant to abandon
liquid, and the sight of a dark blue bay,
surrounded by a tan pelvis of palm beaches
lures us back to the ocean, the womb.

Our genes are still tied to the water . . .
our chromosomes will always yearn 
to swim, while our very eggs and sperm
can only commune in the sea of our carnality.

We belong in water, it's clear,
and the daily loneliness we all feel
in our chests, the loneliness of living,
is indeed the memory of water fulfilling
the cavities of our current lungs.

We were never meant for air,
our bodies mostly water, and our
souls always striving to float a few
succinct feelings to each other, 
feelings that always shrivel then drop 
to the ground, our souls appear 
out of their proper element.

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