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The Omnipotent Gourmet

A restaurant of great renown,
Known as the finest place in town,
Was visited one special day
By the omnipotent gourmet,
Who only lived to criticize,
Which made the chefs the fool despise,
And so they hatched a simple plan
To get revenge on this vain man.

They made the cook throw in the stew
A rat and some cockroaches too;
To keep his poison pen at bay
They named it after the gourmet,
Who lapped it up in his great pride
And said it made him warm inside,
For he had never ate a dish
That satisfied his every wish
Until he ate that stew today,
This most omnipotent gourmet.

Concieted to his very core,
He begged the chef to serve him more.
The chef advised the frightened cook,
Who gave his boss a worried look;
And cried that he could not do that;
He did not have another rat.
"The cat ate all the rats," he said,
And in depression hung his head.
The chef said, "Henry, don't feel blue;
Just throw the cat into the stew!"

With a remarkable display
Of pomp, they served the great gourmet
Who gulped the stew most greedily.
"This is magnificent," said he;
"It has a strange exotic taste,
Which herbs and spices can't efface,
And so he said, "Merci beaucoup,
I bit you all a fond adieu."

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