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Madison Avenue Migraine

Opium, circa 1981:
Farrah Fawcett bangs
Shattered wine glasses
Cheap, blood red silk dresses
A gallon of Gallo Chablis
Dime store L'eggs
Black with leather interior
Manicured headache healers
Lost at the fair
Beer garden
Guilt trip 
Cat fights
Jade jewelry

Paris, circa 1986:
Fake platinum Mexican chic
Premature sex
Roses and body odor
French friends and new haircuts
Kahlua in gym class
Sebastian hair products
Bitter tastes
Cocoa butter boobs
New wave music
Lie lessons

Vanilla, circa 1989
Minnesota head shops
Lamp oil in weird basements
A punk rock girl with scissors
Cutting my hair
Feeding me ice cream
Uptown with no fear 

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