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Listen to me; I know the joke
About the cigarette wrappers where
The camel has a man, if you look close 
Enough inside its haunches
And this man is masturbating.
Someone showed me this once.
We were sitting outside a movie
Theater smoking said cigarettes
And while he exhaled, I inhaled
This pathetic, blunt lust. 

Listen to me; I saw this old movie once
Where this glamour puss in high caliber
Lips and shoulder pads who blew perfect
Smoke rings offed her husband
And all clues for her crime stemmed
From the end of one soggy cherry
Stained nicotine butt. 

Listen to me; this is important
And I'm nearly frantic but
I have this stub from a movie
And a butt ringed with the word
Camel and every liquor store
Sells this brand and there are
No lipstick stains but a very
Strong sour smell from his
Stale breath that puffed and left
And the scent is unmistakably
Obsession and is that a worthy 
Clue? Can you find him? 

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