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KIMBERLY NICHOLS is worth more than a pound

"Live From The Dream Outward"
--Anais Nin

To the Unlikely Stories home pageKIMBERLY NICHOLS gives you that over-the-shoulder gazeMemories make up the substance of Kimberly Nichols's poetry: memories of longing, having, and the emptiness of both. Her poems travel lightly over New York, Paris, and scummy theaters, searching for the things that she can't forget, reminding us of our own troublesome experiences. These are poems that ask for our faith, but leave us with a vastly less comforting sense of hope, reminding us of the thin lines between the poem and the reader.

Kimberly Nichols is a writer and artist living in Southern California. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in Alternative Arts & Literature, Feminista, and Small Spiral Notebook. She is the poetry and arts editor for 3 AM Magazine and writes film reviews for Web Del Sol's Sol Pix. Her Diary of a Californicator, OFF THE PAGE: Conversations Between Writers, and music column Merry Skull Bites appear regularly at 3 AM. She also writes a monthly column on sexuality for Newtopia Magazine. Write to her at kimberly@3ammagazine.com."

Kimberly's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Madison Avenue Migraine
Blood Headache