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binocular necrosis

these android-jawed dogs with crepuscular coal eyes 
dig up their own bones, whine like slipping tires
and stare at bridges until they begin to vibrate
then scream as the trains surge through the belly of the gun
a cat moves by on wheels of satisfied fire
mates with a skunk under a stopsign
dawn rapes them all 
with icicles dangling from it's colorless beard 
a hailstone dents the forehead of a stumbling bum
he holds a sunday paper wrapped around a clean scalpel
and a cloud resembling a clamshell
ladles saturn's mica silt onto my hair
i look through windshield bulletholes and
everything threadbare enough to peer through 
my lover drags the blankets off our bed and wanders 
across a busy intersection licking ink from her fingers
i remember the brain surgeon's face the way you remember
your first glimpse of cunt, 
he pressing his latex finger through my forehead 
and leaving something readjusted to cause chronic insomnia
a newsprint prophecy stretched on the curve of a spoon
in a dark kitchen in the middle of a moonlit road
all memories like familiar rooms contained in train cars stalled 
for an improbable alligator asleep on the electrified rail
break my windows & tear down my curtains
show me the things lost on my bedroom shelves
that are worth stealing from myself. 

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