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Sharing the Love

Ancient Greek Philosophy dividing love into three types:
Eros = Lover / Spouse / Mate Philia = Family / Friend Agape = Humanity / Acquaintance

Eros Philia and Agape are trying to live together
in a two-bedroom apartment downtown
Agape has his own room
smokes cigarettes drinks coffee
watches the news all night
on those rare nights he does doze off
he sleepwalks
somehow wakes in the Psychiatric center
Philia has to come pick him
convince the doctors he's not really self-destructive
Eros and Philia share a room
Eros has manic moods
comes home just before the sun
in fits of shining joy or dark depression
either way he talks to much
Philia tosses turns groans
gets up says get a grip you flaky fruitcake
takes pillow and blanket to sleep on couch
seriously considers moving back in with his parents
they go out for drinks together often
only ones pulled up to the bar
arguing over television channels
Philia wants to watch the game
Agape wants to watch CNN
Eros wants to watch the new Lifetime Movie Network
Philia calls him a flaky fruitcake
Eros bitchslaps Philia
Philia pushes him easily off barstool
Agape says hey you can't treat people that way
kicks Philia in the nads
but Philia has no nads
so he makes a quick comeback
punches Agape who passes out in a heap on the floor
and unfazed Philia sits down and watches the rest of the game 
knowing it'll all be the same again the next day 
like everyday 
everyday traffic goes right through their living room 
everyday pedestrians are talking into cellphones 
but they're really talking to themselves 
everyday buildings become higher than ideas 
everyday Eros Philia and Agape
Lover Brother Human Being 
are trying to live together in a two-bedroom apartment downtown 
and the rent keeps going up

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