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K. R. COPELAND owns an initial factory

"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing."
--Benjamin Franklin

To the Unlikely Stories home pageK. R. and a window shadeIncredibly exciting, the poems of K. R. Copeland are either understated testimonials of sexuality or beautiful, sensuous experiments in imagery. Her tales of sadness are alive with irrepressible curiosity, and her love poems could melt anyone. No matter what their subject matter, her poems feel like they were a joy to write, and they are certainly a joy to read.

K.R. Copeland is a fiery versifier from the Windy City, who prides herself on brevity, versatility, and a certain acerbic verve. Her work, which ranges from formal to experimental, heady to absurd, has been featured or is forthcoming in publications such as Alternate Realities, Beginnings, Bias Onus Quarterly, Collective Insanity, Comfusion, Dakota House journal, Decompositions, Fresh, Highland Poetry Journal, Moxie, Niederngasse, Offcourse, Poetry Super Highway, Seeker, Snow Monkey, and The American Muse. Drop her a line at lorenz2@ameritech.net.

K. R.'s works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Fear of the Rabbit Not a Dream; But Life
Should I Marry a Cannibal Combo Platter

A Taste of Breaking Up Finale
Good Posture I Wonder When I Am Dead
Emphasis Hypothetical Display of Affection
Discovering April

Harebrained Nervousness
Blind Date: Bad Sign Human Nature
Scum Love The Prose of Cons
Red Lipstick Throb
Beat Mediocrity

Role Reversal Terribly Twisted
Still Eve-Like I