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IZABEL SONIA GANZ fears not the little voices

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The works of Izabel Sonia Ganz are in part a study of nature, and in part introspective; she focuses on the things around her to study the things inside. Her poems are rich with fantastic images that offer us glimpses into everyday human emotion.

Izabel says: "I was born in Warsaw, Poland and have lived in Sweden, France, Austria, New York and California, before moving to the Southwest 10 years ago, where now I reside under the protection of Magick [her cat] and several very well fed attack hummingbirds, all of us prospering together.

"Stories from my young years can be found in poems published (among others) in The Free Cuisenart and Gravity: A Journal of Online Writing #17. More of my life's history is featured in poems published in Gravity, Issues #25 and #26, as well as in Agnieszka's Dowry (in jar 6, within Where We Keep the Souls), and The Free Cuisenart #24.

"One day I may write poems dealing with my years in Paris, my many trips to India, my life as a public speaker and trainer of trainers (with a PhD in Human Resource Development), perhaps even my shamanic journeys.

"For now, I find much of my inspiration in the worlds of creepy-crawlies, feathered and four-legged ones, as you can see on The Crone's Poetry Pages in living color, with pictures (no guestbook to sign).

"I have been publishing poetry for the last two years, since the internet and myself discovered each other - I have never sent anything anywhere to print media, the only poems on paper appeared in anthologies published by e-zines, among others by Milestones Press in a chapbook called 'Chainsaw Orgasms'.

"My work has appeared also in Snakeskin Poetry e-zine, A Writer's Choice Literary Journal, Poetry Repair Shop, Moonstar Gallery, Savoy, and the now-defunct Mind Fire Poetry.

"I write free verse, rhymed and metered (or both) and experiment with intermittent rhyme a lot, since, in my opinion, the currently prevalent allergy to melody and beat in poetry is a passing fad. I don't decide the shape for my poems, they do it on their own. I just work here.

"I have a particular affinity with haiku, a form deceptively simple yet demanding a total concentration on the moment and a 'transcendental' depth of perception.

"Next to writing down my poems I enjoy putting them on my page, finding the right backgrounds and graphics to create a 'total Internet experience'. If you have read thus far, come and visit, I have heard people enjoy it.

"Oh, yeah, I am now playing with an addition to my page of 8 poems, composed for the 8 Earth Holidays, which appeared over the year of 1998 in Shadowfeast. 'The Wheel of the Year' is the title of the series, several of them are illustrated with specially created graphics and I love doing it, even if for an HTML klutz it is quite an undertaking." You can e-mail Izabel at magick3x3@hotmail.com.

Izabel's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

July 1998 - July 1999:
Hueing the Eye
Quitting Time
A life, wasted
haiku for four seasons