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Principles Before Personalities

Usually I want to get to know a man first
But not this time
Lust dominated 
Polite, debutant reasoning 
Not that the stranger wasnít worthy of it-
Iím sure he was,
But this time
I just wanted this man
To splat his neutral yolk
Inside of my Venus fly trap
And then get to know his
Habits of irritation and addiction later. 
I was hungry
Famished actually
Hadnít consumed any real sustenance in years
I didnít want a sit down meal
But rather, 
A stand up
Fast-food fix.
I could devour without interruption.
And there he was 
A bald, brawny and built
Main course of a man
Cooked just the way I liked 
Tri tip
Thick with carnality  
Ready to be consumed
By a Deserving patroness like myself.
Was that so wrong?
My ego and id argued about it
While I sat by his set of bulging biceps 
At an A.A. meeting 
Trying to grasp principles
(The speaker mentioned something about twelve steps)
Who knows,
All I could think about
Were the twelve steps it would take me
To jump his bones.
My Legs were
Twisted into a pretzel
Arms crossed upon my
Eager and erect antennaeís
Replying to his courtship mating conversation
With one word answers
Giving him every indication
That the shop was closed-
His phallic elbow was overlapping
The sweaty, soft 
Inside of my bent arm
I didnít move
Not wanting to break the subtle connection
Of taut skin against pressed flesh.
Sitting Statuesque
Between vice or virtue
Watched him
From the corner of a cryptic eye
Looking for some inviting gestures
A flip of the hair
Tongue wetting lips
A leg poised in his direction
I gave him nothing.
He struggled with
Open body measures
To get my attention
When finally,
He looked at my ear-
My blushing aconite
Gave me away. 
He smiled
And feeling confidant
Asked for my number.
I smiled 
And thought
Little does he know
What he is about to get
Himself into.

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