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Midway Maiden

I am the point between the last break-up and the new relationship
I am the layover between flights-
   I am the intoxicating cocktail consumed before the next turbulent ride
I am the girl who was perfect in hindsight, and respectively late in the 
I am provisional,
I am the temp agency girl-
   subsequently replaced by a new piece of ass
I am the appetizer,
never the piece de resistance
I am the substitute teacher-
   alternating between sick didactic professors, recuperating from immoral infirmities
I am the surrogate lover-
   standing in for a cold wife, until she is warm
Never center stage,
I am the backstage fluffer-
   preparing the actors for their main scene and spitting up their mistakes
I am the understudy-
preparing for a part I will never get, and pretending I am important as second best,
I am the second string player-
   who waits on the sidelines for her first chance to play the game
I am the bridesmaid-
   who catches the bouquet, but has no man
I am midway-
I always begin, but never finish.

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