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ADAM CASE is the first man on the case! yay! I'm fuckin funny!

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWhether he's writing about marriage, filial bonds, or anal sex with racist prostitutes, the poems of Adam Case bring the anger and frustrations of a man well accustomed to the apathy of others. He speaks with authority on the mendacity of human existence. His words are sometimes touching, sometimes humorous, honestly raw and yes, full of sarcasm in all the right places. We are pleased to present four of his pieces here.

Adam Case owes much of his material and all of his worldview to his upbringing and subsequent life in Northern Nevada. A place where people fight and fuck, shoot guns and spit, gamble and lie, where terrorist and extremists are more welcome than Californians. Anything, the Black Death, herpes, anything but more elderly Californians.

In addition, Case enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, hand jobs, drinking, maintaining regularity, hygenical soundness, and penguins. He is a deep believer that one can only know when enough is enough if one has already and repeatedly had too much.

Currently, Case, possibly a father of up to as many as three children, is living in San Francisco organizing a grassroots campaign to keep Californians in California, and occasionally spends some of that hard earned campaign money on happy ending massages. When not campaigning or enjoying the fruits thereof, Case enjoys lying. Drop him a line at adamca59@hotmail.com.

Adam's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Court Ordered 100 Hours
The Summer I Attended a Native American Literature Course And My Brother Lost a Wife
Calvary Hill Review
Kitty's: Girls, Girls, Girls