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on the outside, everyone
looks like somebody else
nothing here
nobody needs writing 
except the writer
I am ashamed of my
unwashed hair
I am a Dork
I should speak up
I should get to work
I should get to a bar
and spin records
and show my feathers to the ladies
what's with all this walking?
I feel ashamed when 
cars honk their horns at me
people assume the worst
I often think people think of
me as a mental deficient
try picturing yourself with
down syndrome
I should go to college
I should change my clothes
I should piss in the toilet
the only thing i like about
dogs is that they imitate
their masters
maybe you can clean 
the toilets
use your head as
the brush
your cock as the snake
that shit collecting in your
ears as soap
"Yes, I have arrived here with 
a wallet, nowhere to go in
August window."
"Ok, Do you have several fruits?"
walking around in people's
emotional dreamshit
disgusted, too tired
I didn't learn a damn
Give me a pencil, time to draw flowers
and wait for death
what am I doing, writing this
I am the property of other people
my thoughts not free
I am a television kid
I have trouble with numbers
I should stop thinking of 
Life as a constant insult
I like to dress up as a boy 
scout and march down the
street each morning
with a red ribbon
tied around my erect cock
most of these people
were raised by television
and their parents
and are satisfied with their
life imitates television
I should go to the mental 
hospital and rub creamed 
cheese on my balls
and try to slash someone's
throat with a plastic
so they have something
to laugh at
I was tying my shoe
and a man stopped
and pissed on me
it wouldn't have bothered me
if it didn't put my 
cigarette out
"I have a newfound 
respect for ovulation!"
In an out house
you'll sometimes find
toilet seat
toilet paper
wall writings
shit, you'll always find
I went down 
to the gas station
to buy my 
script for the day
when i saw a 
man with his eyes

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