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Worth the Weight

you asked if i had just
one thing on my mind,
and i said,

"yes, but it's everything,
 & it's getting heavy . . ."

i'd always said
that i could use a hand
to help shoulder,
but you offered your smile
instead, and your listening--
glistening with an eagerness
to be fed,
to absorb

(wed dreams to experience
 and tellers to stories,
 that in the heat of their
 passions rise up to their glory)

thrown, for the moment,
i backed down,
came around,
let you in my head

(& then the scary part)

my heart
opened wide & waiting
for you to drop the ball

but you caught them up
in fingers nimble
& pulled me inside

(to share your secret)

which i herein confide--
it said:

"every bush burns
 (with life)
 you have but to see it:
 come find it,
    now taste it--
 it's like time,
    you don't waste it"

and i in turn
burned for your bush:
bonfire satin sheen,
& in your eyes a little
glimmer of a gleam


came around,
backed down
& pulled out
amidst fanfare
of heavy breath,

watching our legacy
in hot sweat
down from
my chest across
your back

it read:

'i know what it's like
 to find sincerity
 in the final moment . . .

 to finally drop pretense
 and that pair of dimes
 that i carried around in
 my front pocket--endlessly
 shifting & never uplifting
 my soul,
      or giving life and
 energy to the whole.

 & if i've learned one thing
 in life, it's that some things
 are worth the weight--
               & you were
 worth your wait in gold.'

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