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A Daily Thought

Waiting, relaxing, observing, perspiring
He was beside me.
Talking a mile a minute about being late for work.
My jaw had joined Margarete the trapeze artist who was 
Gossiping about a guy in the Velvet robe.
I wondered where he worked.
His gorgeous pin wheel brown eyes have a twinkle of
lost beauty dancing in a field of popular lost tribal songs.
I imagined tip toeing over to him and tugging on his lapel.
He would be caught in a back flip while embracing me.
I did not side step.
He likes me.
His story about being late for work was so engrossing, I wished he'd tell me
Starting with his life story.
No amount of caffeinated liquid soap would track his movements as quickly as I.
Awkward, nervous, curious, exuberant.
Too late-here comes the bus.
Hindsight should be given out to people before they hurl in a basket of destiny.

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