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LEWIS (a pseudonym. don't tell!)

To the Unlikely Stories home pageOf the work currently featured at this site, LEWIS's is the most heavily symbolic: her poetry is grounded thoroughly in Greek mythology, but also in more everyday symbols, including everything from Greyhound buses to vaginal hemmoraging. She's used these symbols along with a "contemporary" formless style to create a series of dark and upsetting poetry. (Tastes like chicken.)

LEWIS says, "I began writing poetry and fiction at age 8 or so, among my many childhood pursuits. This one, however, seems to have stuck longer than Barbie vs. GI Joe. I wish I could say that I have been inspired by the classic works of one artist or another. But apart from the literature force-fed to me via the public school system, I read far more for entertainment than enlightenment. As a result, my library includes such authors as Heinlein and Tolkein, rather than Hemingway and Thoreau.

"This isn't to suggest that I am incapable of nodding sagely and generally bluffing my way through a conversation that has turned to "literature." (As it happens, this is also the method I use when dealing with Marxists and Jehovah's Witnesses--really quite an all-purpose social grace, if you ask me.) However, I prefer to stick to subjects about which I have some shred of genuine knowledge. Consequently, most of the poetry I write is situational. When an event of some magnitude occurs in my life, or there is something I wish to say to someone, I write a poem--each one being a microcosmic story.

"When I'm not directing Skipper® and Francie® through a reenacted land war in Asia, I may be reached at gabriel_lewis@technologist.com." Please note that there's an underscore between the gabriel and the lewis.

LEWIS's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

July 1999 - July 2000:
Old Scratch Tattoo

July 1998 - July 1999:
Water Drains Clockwise
Pillow Talk
Below the Belt
Seattle Dumps
Taking the Field
Principle of Quintessence