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It's time for her to die.
I know, because I can see the rage,
The constant pain in her eyes.

Something in me
Wants to hang on
And not let her go.

But I can't let this want
Stop the hands of nature
Nor heap greater cruelty upon her.

I've let her linger for
Far too long, as it is,
Hoping for a recovery that will never come.

Some may mourn her passing.
More than I can possibly know.
But many more will not.

They never saw, will never see, the reinventions,
The tiny deaths and resurrections
That mar the timeline of her existence.

But I have borne them all.
Loved them all.
Mourned them all.

This death will be no different --
To stop the beating of a broken heart,
And let her rest for a time.

But she'll be back,
Or something like her.
Only you may not recognize her.

But I will.

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