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He didn't come home again last night
Your man.

So, is that what's got you crying
On the roof this time?
Why do you hate yourself today?
The empty bed?  The trashed house?
Your trashed heart?

You just wanted a little peek, didn't you?
Something to titillate, to
Make you feel better.
About you.  Your art.
Maybe stir him out of his daze.

You did all those things, and so much more.
You wouldn't listen,
When he tried to tell you.
"Just jealous,"  You thought.
But that wasn't all, and you missed it.

When he spoke of fragility,
He wasn't speaking
Of his own tired heart.
He remembered --You didn't?
The road was meant to go both ways.

So, you had to open it
Before mending the cracks
Never realizing how ready he might be to
Start last.  Finish first.
Maybe crash and burn and never come back.

But he still loves you, of course.
Every bit as much as you
May love him, though this is a
Bad call.  Wrong turn.
And now you're left hugging a pillow.

Snakes have all the great ideas--
Always to eager to share 
All the fun, and twice the danger.
Eat apples.  Play doctor.
But they never get tossed from Eden, do they?

Oh, Pandora
What have you done?

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