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Principle of Quintessence

Am I clever and quick enough
To ride the gales
Of your storm-clotted skies;
Dodge the lightning,
Challenge the thunder,
And not corrode in the acid rain
Of your tears?

Have I the endurance
To withstand the flames
That blaze and sing in your veins--of
Searing passion and
Charring rage--
Yet not choke upon the ashes
Of your despair?

Cand I find the courage
To brave the wave-tossed depths--
The surges and ebbs of your heart, the
Drowning pools and
Shipwrecking tides
That would smash me on the rocks
Of your cruelty?

How might I stand steady
Against the quaking firmament--
The fevered shudders of your body,
Pitching in ecstasy and
Buckling in agony--
Not to fall into the yawning pit
Of your emptiness?

All around the answers lie
In the quintessence of spirit;
A brittle diamond perfection--
The halcion song and fluting cry,
Of an emotion I dare not name
And may never see shine
In you.

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