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I understand why you gave me the finger-
And sped away in your big penis of a car.
Seeing me reminds you of him
and we all hate him and the 
memories of what we did that night.
Some things are better left in hatred
and not everything can be forgiven
and I don't expect you to forgive me
For what you didn't do.
As long as you don't forget.
As long as I have the comfort of knowing
That you remember
Enough to hate me.

That means that what I gave did matter
and I am not worthless
And I didn't die that night.

We had to choose between death together
and life alone and those were the only choices
but we fucked it up and we got our life
of solitude but we forgot to send
someone with him into death.
I always thought I'd be the only one to
Go through with it.
That I was giving him to you.
I was to be the sacrifice, love's true martyr
But we killed him and then we
were left staring at each other in horror.
We're both murderers but
At least it's over.
Someone had to die.
And I'll never forget.
If the next time I see you,
you ignore me,
I'll fucking blow your head off too.

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