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Theme On a Letter to Craig

Iím too busy today...
we should start fucking other people
so that it fits better into our time slots

start clawing out our eyes
in an attempt to get past 
our propagated belief systems

you know i didnít formulate my own
thought pattern
whoís will is it anyway!?

simply stated
there is no divine understanding
of the separated other
and iím other to you
there is no merging of the souls
there is just destroying the difference
there is just patty cake with 
the fabric on my mind

plastic bags would suit your face much better
a sears shopping bag would suit your hair much better
the fading enthusiasm from you childhood would fit your mouth much better
and i know
the same could be said for me 

this isnít art school
these arenít fine arts for acting
learn to lie well
learn to believe yourself

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