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wrap your mind around this

today a women
from montreal
sold me paintings. some 
chinese impressionist something
and some frenchie paris something.
i watched three movies,
one anime, a drama, a black
comedy. I ate Wendyís
for lunch and chinese for dinner.
We paid the rent. Total bill
$700. I thought about
what I would do
if someone I hadnít seen in
(insert number here) years, was dying of (insert disease here).
Iíd try to be a hero with weed and morphine
on my cape.
Now, reflecting on the past 24 hours
I realize...what a waste. I thought about
people that donít know what the fuck they 
are talking about
like to talk about that the most
exactly what they know the least about
because itís easier than dealing 
with the fact that life is running faster than you are.

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