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suzanne is in
working on
a gallon of
ice cream.
she has the sheet
raised up like
a tent, and 
is listening
to Brahms
on the small radio.
she is in
as the
night goes wild,
and the men
wear green.

(the men are in bars talking of success.)
(the men are in bars talking of paradise.)

suzanne, the
little hermit,
crumpled away
under her sheet,
fearing the last
man is
coming back;
working on her
ice-cream and
listening to her Brahms.

(the men are going home with long legs
and blue skirts.)
(the men are walking into dark rooms
and burning candles.)

there is a specific loss 

as the cars drive by.
as the cat claws the chair.
as the police look down an alley.
as the hot water changes cold.
as the music throws calm.
as the sun . . .

suznanne likes it under the sheet.
she likes it in bed-

as the sun crawls up

behind her.

behind me.

behind you.

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