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JUSTIN WILSON explores the jungle of the senses

To the Unlikely Stories home pageYou won't have to search very deeply to find the meaning underneath Justin Wilson's poetic images. That's not to say that these poems lack depth or subtlety; they're good for multiple readings, as you find another layer of images and symbols beneath the obvious one. But throughout, their message is as clear as it is potent, and they analyze human nature without pretense.

Justin says, "I didn't make the loud mental affirmation until my second trip to Peru's rainforest. As I laid alone under my well needed mosquito net in my small room of low, black tarp walls, I confidently stated that I am a writer and will always follow that path around the world and back again.

"I am one of those people who will suddenly stop on the sidewalk and pull out a small notebook to furiously write. I use my glasses to see and my journals to write pictures of what's before me. Every single thing is significant in the moment - everything. To write in hindsight is to very often lose what the mind sees as not worthy of remembering. It is the mind's own inadequacy that leads to such false designations. Even if many things are left unwritten, they still contribute greatly to the mood, the feel, and the energy of the poem." You can write to him at addressofjustin@yahoo.com.

Justin's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Port Sleepers
A simple recipe for happiness
A lot of dogs