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SHANE JONES thinks his name is exotic enough for him

To the Unlikely Stories home pageBleak and intense, the poems of Shane Jones focus on loss and longing. His poems have many subtle images and statements, but speak directly: he focuses directly and unflinchingly on the painful parts of the human experience, helping us to better understand the things which work to opress us. By making a thorough study of despair, his poems become valuable weapons in fighting it.

Shane Jones Is currently spending time in either Buffalo New York, or Albany New York. Check out his new book at the Unlikely Stories bookstore. Write, send dirty photos, complain, scream, to Shane at SJones8430@aol.com.

Shane's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Beauty of Speech

False Cathedrals

Old Sport
Getting Creative
Not So Perfect

Blue Birds
I Was the Last One

July 1999 - July 2000:
in March and all year long
the blade shines in

"Shane Jones's poetic discourse expresses a genuine insight of youthful wisdom in rhythmic stanzas of perception. He weaves metaphors between dry stabs of humor, capturing images and setting a scene with acute observations. He can change his viewpoint from either genders agumenting the true self of a writer while approaching it with empathic reason that shows his talent as a well-rounded poet. He is like Tireres, the Greek god walking with a cane hoary-haired as his wild eyes watch."
--Teresa Turner, Publisher of vis-a-septic
"With a spare intensity, Shane commits his word fully to the universal moment. His lingering imagery is the result of a generous mind."
--Author and Poet, Karen Lewis.
"He is a sophisticated talent."
--Professor of poetry, George Drew