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Millenia Ago

Anger,  violence  and  savage  fear,
treachery,  lust  and  all  kinds  of  dirt
are  stored  away  in  the  wholesale  warehouse
of  my  unruly  human  brain,
in   the  inmost  recesses   of
my   fugitive  psychology’s  cave
dug  in  the  indented   rocks
of  human  legacy   millennia   ago,
an  unauthorized   invasion  into
my  cherished  beloved  privacy,
nurtured  dependence,
hailed  equal  opportunity,
advertised  equal  suffrage
and  acclaimed  freedom  of  choice.
That  savage  who  lived  millennia  ago
sadly   failed   to  be  informed
about  the  Declaration  of  Human  Rights
he  would  furiously  have  been  at  odds  with.

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