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VLADIMIR ORLOV is neither a Viking nor a kitten

To the Unlikely Stories home pageWith the intensity and severity of sledgehammers, the poems of Vladimir Orlov fearlessly discuss and intertwine the political and the personal. These poems tackle Russia as it is today, in all its glory and turmoil, offering us a glimpse into the side of the world that still seems so far from the United States. With exciting and flawlessly excecuted English, Vladimir Orlov tantilizes us with his visions of the rocky present.

Vladimir says, "Since 1992, my work has appeared in more than 50 US, UK and Australian literary magazines and US Christian periodicals." You can write to Vladimir at v_orlov@vistcom.ru or at PO Box 237, 400006, Volgograd-6, Russia.

Vladimir's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

The Dead Truck on Russian Fields
The Red Square in Red-Dawn Dreams
This Is a Cage
Millenia Ago
A Silent Chorus of Anguish
Glimpses of Russia
Caged Respite
The Marble Tomb to Crown Life
I Will Send My Message Collect