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JASON PAUL FOX doesn't sweat it

To the Unlikely Stories home pageJason Paul Fox checks for something on his shoeSurreal and spooky, the stories of Jason Paul Fox use incredible visuals and layered imagery to communicate disquiet and despair. Whether discussing chance romantic encounters, the fear of loneliness, or serial killing, Jason's stories are horrifyingly vivid. The stories and poems here are certain to make you feel pleasantly uncomfortable.

Jason says, “I’m a Rochesterian. Being from Rochester, NY is something few are proud of, and every year more of my old friends move away. Soon I will live entirely among strangers… In my teens and early twenties I decided to accept poverty in order to pursue my creative urges; I am paying for it to this day. Some of the fruits of my sacrifice can be sampled at http://www.geocities.com/countsin.” Drop him a line at CountSin@aol.com, or check out his new and brainy punk rock band at www.mypenisrocks.com.

Jason's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

An Ecstatic Nightmare
A Smile of Bone

The Quarry
The Wild Life