Unlikely Stories Presents

Joan d'America (yes, I can do better, but I'm not trying)

To the Unlikely Stories home pageJoan Pond's poetry is what you call contemporary. Using everyday symbols and tales from childhood, she paints a picture of the things that we deal with on a daily basis: disappointment, heartbreak, jealousy, and the little perks that help us to convince ourselves that our lives are worth living, anyway.

Joan's new book, Scrapbook for the Soul, is availible from the Unlikely Stories bookstore. You can e-mail her at Boodles1@aol.com or see some of her other work at San Francisco Salvo, The Bridge Collective, and Road of Shadows.

Joan's works here at Unlikely Stories are:

Such Gentility

Remaining Clueless Scent of Solace
Social Skills On Being the Hired Help
Ad Infinitum S
Excalibur Left to their own devices...
No Man Dear Santa:

Continually Deadened Beggardly Boxes
End of Season Sale Relativity
A Howling Wilderness Furniture Gone Bad

July 1999 - July 2000:
Alone Ode to Elvis
A Single Step It's Twins
Blind Faith Vacuous
Not Forthcoming What Am I Doing Here??
That Old School Spirit Your Lack of Sensitivity
Addend or Addendum What Could Be
Until Now Genealogy

July 1998 - July 1999:
Never Quite Fitting Is He Contagious??
Spring Cleaning His Standards
Sitting Shiva Asphyxiation
Old Hat Under an Embargo
She Knew Something Irrevocably Broken
This I Could Understand The Bitter End
This I Could Understand Re-Counting Beijing
What He Recalls Optokinetics
Still-Borne Undermine
Recalling a Voice Can't Let Go
Gauging Priorities Scratching the Surface
Milford Beach New York City in Winter